Scripbox Customer Care Toll Free Number Email Address

Scripbox Customer Service Support Number With Email Address

Scripbox Customer Care Toll Free Number Email Address
Scripbox Customer Support & Free App Download

Your money can grow if you plan your finances well and if you invest wisely. The Scripbox App (earlier known as takecharge) is an easy to use financial management and learning tool to help you learn about personal finance, investment, tax saving and tax planning. The app has been created by the world’s second most influential financial brand – Scripbox.

“The Scripbox App– Finance, Tax Saving” is like a friend who tells you how to effectively save and invest your money, plan tax saving and save taxes, and invest for goals using the right investment options. This money education and utility app will help you learn from scratch about money, investing, and wealth creation. The app will do this through engaging articles and useful tools that help you calculate the financial requirements for various goals.

Whether you are interested in doing a wealth check-up, planning investment in mutual funds, other finance options, The Scripbox App (takecharge) takes care of this all with the comprehensive articles around personal finance, investment, wealth management.

If you are looking for the right direction to invest so you could save taxes, just refer the ‘Plan’ section on Scripbox App (takecharge) that helps you calculate your taxes and decide where you should invest your money. You can also know how much wealth you would need for retirement and for your children’s education with our investment calculator. We will be adding more investment calculators to simplify your investment process and make your financial planning efficient.


This finance planner app helps you with its unique features
1. Learn – The Learn section helps you improve your money skills, through engaging and popular articles on finances already liked by millions of Indians.
2. Plan – With this section, you can –
· Take a wealth check-up,
· Calculate your taxes,
· Decide where you should invest your money,
· Know how much you will need for retirement,
· Know how you can finance your children’s education
· We will keep adding more calculators and tools to this section, to simplify the investment process even further.
3. Invest – Use your Aadhaar UID and PAN to easily sign-up for Scripbox and invest in carefully and scientifically selected mutual funds, for your long-term needs(4 equity funds), short-term needs(3 debt funds), to reduce tax(2 tax-saving funds) and spending needs(1debt fund with a debit card).

Join 200,000+ Indians who are working towards becoming financially independent, and rely on Scripbox to provide them with an easy to understand as well as clear perspective on personal finance.


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+91 92432 00042 

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Address India Pvt. Ltd. 
Indiqube @ The Leela Galleria 
3rd Floor, No. 23, Old Airport Road 
Bengaluru – 560008, India.

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